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TIME’S UP UK is a charity that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for everyone.

Working Groups


The Critics’ Working Group is an open space for discussing the issues facing women critics. Topics have included lack of representation in major media, bias in reviews, freelance payments, accreditation at festivals, as well as equality and safety in the workplace. We also support young, diverse critics’ entry schemes, and female commissioners who encourage female writers. Meets bi-monthly – all arts, theatre, music, film and TV journalists welcome.

Exhibition and Distribution

To be announced.

Rising Women

This working group is for a new generation of women in the film industry still developing their careers. We want it to be a platform for emerging or new talents in all fields (from production to crew to cast). We are looking to meet once a month.

Women of Colour

A space for women of colour to address, share and discuss TIME’S UP UK related issues and concerns, with a focus that addresses how these issues impact our communities at different intersections. We aim to be as inclusive as possible at all times.


This is a sub-group of women screenwriters within the wider TIME’S UP movement, who meet separately every two months to exchange views, form support and solidarity networks, and to lobby for equal representation within TV and film.


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