In the wake of the revelations concerning the alleged behaviour of Noel Clarke and indeed more recently, other industry figures, we are confronted yet again with the challenge of dealing with a culture where misuse of power is still present. As we consider the next steps, the work which so many have contributed to should not be lost sight of but rather reinforced and reenergised. For example the recently published safety guidance from TIME’S UP globally for people working in entertainment, which advise on an actor’s rights in auditions, when working on intimate scenes, and the rights they have to report sexual harassment and misconduct, and the BFI’s principles and guidance for tackling and preventing bullying, harassment and racism in the screen industries. We would ask ALL industry to use, reference and refer to these guidelines and ensure that they are being followed in every area.

The work to date has rightly focused on the responsibility of producers in ensuring that there are clear reporting structures in place for tackling bullying and harassment. But once outside this framework, there is “grey space” where there are serious gaps in policy and provision. Support to complainants is very limited and we need to build on the work of TIME’S UP, BFI, the Film and TV Charity and others. As an industry we now need to consider whether it is time to increase the resources made available via these services, which can act as a safe space for those who want to come forward and be heard. All employers should understand their responsibilities to protect and support their employees so there is also a need for further guidance for any organisation involved in the sector to have clear policies and protocols on how they can respond to concerns when they arise.

Finally, TIME’S UP strongly recommends that Intimacy Coordinators become compulsory given the particular vulnerability for actors in these situations. TIME’S UP will continue to work collaboratively with BAFTA, BFI, and other industry partners to ensure there is a cohesive response across the sector.