The TIME’S UP #4PercentChallenge is a call to the entertainment industries across the US and UK to sign up to and commit to working with a female director on a feature film in the next 18 months.

#4PercentChallenge is so named because only 4% of the top 1,200 studio films made over the last decade were directed by women according to research undertaken by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. Andrea Riseborough was the first British actress to sign up which, she did on International Women’s Day 8 March at the same time we announced the latest grants to the Justice and Equality Fund.

The 4% challenge is about highlighting that women directors should be given the same opportunity as their male colleagues to achieve their creative ambitions in the art of story-telling. We also know that women directors are more inclusive and make a significant contribution to the bringing on of other female professionals in roles both in front of and behind the camera.

It also addresses just one of the ways in which our industry under-represents, based on gender. There is much more work to be done and we plan to look at how changes can be made across the whole industry pipeline and how the industry can work together toward balanced recruitment across all demographics so that all races, sexualities, ages and genders/non-genders are represented in our workplace.