Keira Knightley’s interview on Chanel’s new podcast, Chanel Connects, in which she raises the topic of how actors are treated while filming sex scenes, is intelligent and brave. Her observations reveal the dangers for actors when filming intimate scenes, that too often male directors tend to focus on serving the male gaze rather than the storytelling, leaving actors vulnerable. The discussions that have been playing out in the media since the podcast was first broadcast are important and welcome.

Since the #MeToo resurgence and the work of TIME’S UP, and Intimacy On Set, many studios now hire intimacy coordinators, to oversee sex scenes and ensure actors feel comfortable and are treated respectfully during shooting, but they are still not mandatory. We are working on a series of safety guides for the industry to help ensure that Intimacy Coordinators are always on set when intimate scenes are filmed, they bring open communication and a professional structure to the scene, and ensure that actors are empowered to say ‘no’ giving them the freedom to do what they do best, act.