TIME’S UP UK is launching a social media campaign today celebrating the women and people of colour they feel should have been recognised at this year’s awards.

Dame Heather Rabbatts, Chair, TIME’S UP UK, says: “the awards season is upon us and while there are some great films and outstanding performances nominated, there have been glaring omissions. The lack of diversity both at the Golden Globes and now at the BAFTAS has been the subject of criticism from across the media and from talent. It could be said that the debate itself is a manifestation of all the work TIME’S UP and others have been doing to raise this issue to the forefront. But we all know this is a long and difficult journey. TIME’S UP wants to ensure we do not let these awards pass by without us raising the profile of those whose endeavours and performances have not made it to the nominations. So, we are running a social media campaign which will highlight those who are absent and who we also want to see recognised. For example, exceptional female-directed films such as Atlantique, Booksmart, The Farewell, Harriet, Honey Boy, Hustlers, Little Women, The Nightingale, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Recall performances from Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lopez, Cynthia Erivo, Jodie Turner-Smith and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, and the performances by Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx in Just Mercy. This is not about taking away from the talent that has been nominated, we congratulate all of those nominated and we all know the hard work and total commitment to achieve this accolade. But alongside, there are others who should be standing on that carpet. Really hope you will join with us in celebrating the rich and diverse roster of talent before us. This ‘invisibility’ is even more shocking given the choices which were available and the strength of films and performances where Black talent was apparent this year.”