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TIME’S UP UK is a charity that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for everyone.

Partner Organisations


The BFI is a proud strategic partner with TIME’S UP UK, having worked so closely with the Time’s Up movement on developing our guidance and principles to prevent and pro-actively deal with issues relating to bullying and harassment. We have shared objectives to strive for greater inclusion within the creative industries. The BFI set out its strategy BFI2022 and is committed to its goal of all producers active in the UK signing up to the BFI Diversity Standards, driving change in terms of representation, leadership and creative control, talent pipelines, audience development and distribution. The BFI also annually publishes its performance against targets for who it funds and who it employs.
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Birds' Eye View Films

Birds’ Eye View (BEV) is a charity whose mission is to bring ever-greater audiences to films by women in order that film truly represents wider perspectives on the world. Originally a film festival, it’s now a year-round agent for change, with backing for its Reclaim The Frame project from the British Film Institute. It is a network of influencers in 10 cities at 11 cinemas, who galvanise around a new and classic films by women to bring as large an audience to them as possible. Birds’ Eye View also supports emerging female filmmakers and their allies through its Filmonomics programme, and female executives through its Future Leaders In Distribution programme, backed by Screen Skills.

BEV is proud to be partnering with TIME’S UP UK because, as Director-At-Large Mia Bays (a producer of an Oscar winner and multiple BAFTA-nominated shorts and features) states: “The up-swell of energy, anger and passion-for-change following the revelations of widespread sexual harassment and misconduct in Hollywood and beyond has strengthened our resolve to tackle gender inequality and the power imbalance in film. The time for change is now, and we take great strength and vigour from the work so many are doing to effect change, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies. Time’s Up is a great way for us all to talk and connect and has been a real shot in the arm that keeps us moving forward.”
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ERA 50:50

ERA 50:50 is campaigning for 50:50 gender balance on British stage and screen. Currently women are systemically under-represented in what we see. This does not accurately represent our society – it distorts our view of the real world. ERA50:50’s mission is a simple one – to see women represented on television, stage and screen in equal numbers to men to achieve equal representation for Actresses, for Audiences, for All.

ERA 50:50 supports the work of TIME’S UP UK because our joint mission to tackle systemic gender inequality across film, television and theatre will create a culture of true representation and inclusivity for future generations.
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Primetime is a centralised database for all women working above and below the line in the entertainment industry. Founded from a call-to-action from Time’s Up UK meetings by actor Victoria Emslie, it is a practical solution to one of the industry’s most frequently asked questions, “Where are all the women?”

We are proud to partner with Time’s Up UK to promote its commitment to safe and dignified workplaces for all. Increasing the visibility of women on set and in positions of power is our goal, and we also want to achieve this in the safest way possible. This is why we are thrilled about our partnership with Spot, an online harassment and discrimination bot, that helps keep our members safe at work. We know that working alongside Time’s Up UK, our sister organisations and male allies, will give us the best chance at changing the conversation behind the scenes and also ensuring that best practice is held up as the industry standard for all.
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Raising Films

Raising Films believes conversations make change happen, and wants things to change. We are losing too much talent to the choice many filmmakers are forced to make, between being a parent/carer and making films. We don’t believe this choice is necessary, but rather a product of social and economic conditions, and we want to start a conversation about how change can be made for filmmakers who want to have and support a family and continue their careers.

Raising Films supports the work of TIME’S UP because of our joint mission to tackle systemic gender inequality. Women continue to struggle for representation across the film industry globally. One social barrier particularly affects women, although it applies to everyone: Family vs Film.
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Spot’s mission is to empower people-centred leaders to create more inclusive workplace cultures. It tackles harassment and discrimination with AI reporting. Spot’s AI reporting tool makes it safer for employees to speak up and easier for HR to follow up, even on anonymous reports.
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Women in Film and TV UK

Women in Film & TV (UK) is the leading membership organisation for women working in creative media in the UK, and part of an international network of over 13,000 women. Members of our organisation come from a broad range of professions spanning the entire creative-media industry
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